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Sarah Michelle Gellar - Magazines (2)

Page was last updated on July 10, 2011

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Detour Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar - From Detour Magazine68K Sarah Michelle Gellar - From Detour Magazine43K


Sarah Michelle Gellar - Sitting back in chair, short dress94K

Nylon Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Nylon magazine - B&w81K

Premiere Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Premiere Magazine - B&w69K

Rolling Stone Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rolling Stone Mag. Cover150K Sarah Michelle Gellar - Rolling stone Magazine - face83K

Star (Yes, this is real photo)

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Star magazine - unchanged from original298K

The following Other Sarah Michelle Gellar Picture Pages are availablee:-

[ Buffy ] [ Esquire/FHM ] [ Miscellaneous/Unknown Magazines/Film ] [ High Resolution Pics ]

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