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Katie Carr

Page was last updated on March 5, 2008



Katie Carr PortraitKatie Carr was born and raised in London.

Born in 1973 and attended Hurst Lodge School in Sunningdale, Berkshire, England, a private all-girls school, between 1984 and 1989.


Films / TV Series

Title Year Information

Graceful Descent


A dark, cynical comedy about a young woman addicted to therapy. All she wants is to break the cycle of seeing all these 'specialists'.

Hobson's Choice


Carr recently wrapped up a starring role in New York in the Atlantic Theater Company's production of Hobson's Choice, a witty comedy set in 1915.


(TV Mini Series) - Appeared as Marion Waldo. Based on the books of James Gurney. Synopsis: Two brothers are marooned on the hidden continent Dinotopia, where humans and dinosaurs live in peace and harmony.

Dial 9 for Love (aka Men Are Dogs)


Appeared as Laura.

Up Rising



A Rather English Marriage


TV. Appeared as Young Mary. Synopsis: A retired milkman and a military leader decide to become roommates after they are both widowed at the same time

The Perfect Blue


Appeared as Katie.

Mrs. Dalloway (aka Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway)


Appeared as Elizabeth Dalloway.

Kangaroo Palace


TV. Appeared as Linda.

The Odyssey


TV. Appeared as Nausicaa. She made her television debut in The Odyssey, directed by Andre Konchalovsky.



TV Series. Guest starred in episode 105 "The Modern Prometheus "as Claire Clairmont. Synopsis: Lord Byron, the brilliant Romantic poet, is alive and well and living the decadent life of a rock star. He lives life way over the edge and has taken some promising young musicians over the edge with him. When following in Byron's footsteps tragically ends the life of Dawson's protege, MacLeod is faced with a decision -- is the beauty and genius that is Byron worth the cost?

The Innocent Sleep


Appeared as Alice. Synopsis: When the lifeless body of a flashy international financier is discovered hanging by the Thames, the police dismiss the death as a simple suicide. But a witness to the hanging, a homeless man, knows otherwise--and sets out with the help of a jaded reporter to prove it. Based on a true story.



Katie Carr stars as Marion, a beautiful Dinotopian who becomes the object of both David (Wentworth Miller) and Karl's (Tyron Leitso) affection, in Hallmark Entertainment's DINOTOPIA.

Hallmark Entertainment LinkHallmark Entertainment Link

Gossard Advert (British TV, October 2002)

Gossard Ad Picture _Gossard Ad Picture2

Gossard Advert - AVI (284k)

Gossard Avi (284k)

("grunt" did this and the avi first appeared in a yahoo group he setup for a message on DAINEWS)


Yahoo Group

Interview Link at Execulink

Jeff Smith's Katie Carr webpage


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