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Survey Results

Page was last updated on July 10, 2011

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Top 20 Most Mistake Filled Movies The 20 most mistake-filled movies. See whether your favourite film is in the Top 20..

British Public

Top 50 Cult TV shows This is the results of a survey carried out in Britain to find the Top 50 Cult TV shows of all Time. Star Trek has come first but all 4 series of Star Trek have been counted as one programme. The voting was done by the British public ( 1997).

British Public

UK BoxOffice Chart UK Top 15 Box Office films. Chart entries are ordered by weekend box-office gross.

US Public

US BoxOffice Chart US Top 10 Box Office films. Chart entries are ordered by weekend box-office gross.

Wired Magazine

Top 20 SF Films WIRED magazine, the cutting edge computer and technology magazine, picked its 20 greatest science fiction flicks of all time. Their criteria, along with the fanboy basics, were to rank the films by their attendant adrenaline buzz, their vision of the future, and the precision of their science in fiction.

Misc Lists

Greatest Films lists [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Ranges from AFI, Los Angeles Daily News to Leonard Maltin's 100 Must-See Films of the 20th Century.

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Sense about Science

The use of the English libel laws to silence critical discussion of medical practice and scientific evidence discourages debate, denies the public access to the full picture and encourages use of the courts to silence critics.

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