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Links to information about all the DVD's which I own. When I have watched them I also include a review and links to enable you to buy the DVD from an online retailer.


Region 0

(Generally Anime. Anime Info )

Region 1

(Canada & US Films)

Region 2

(Japan, Europe & UK Films)

Region 3

(South East Asia, Hong Kong Films) Updated

Region 4

(Australian Films) Updated

Some Useful DVD Links

Multiregion Price Checker

Checks the Price of R0, R1, R2, R3, R4 DVD's. Includes Post & Packing.


Region 0/1/2/3/4 DVD Prices. Gives an idea of delivery times. IMHO Overall not as good as Multiregion Price checker.

Quick check on DVD Suppliers

Feedback on many of the DVD suppliers. Which are good - and which are not.


Compare R1 vs R2 vs R4

DVD Compare Info

Compare special features on DVD's. R1 vs R2 vs R4

Michael D's Info Site

Compare R4 vs R1

DVD Multiregion Players

Information about DVD Players & region codes

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