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About Me


Before University I worked for the SIRA Institute near Bromley for 6 months. I was working in the test laboratories there doing testing/development e.g. designing test equipment for Yellow Fever Vaccine, examining film with lasers etc. This was my first experience of a job - and I still remember walking round the lake after lunch.

Then I went to Durham University from 1978 - 1981 studying for a Physics Degree.

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During this time I stayed at Hatfield College as an undergraduate. Of course it wasn't all work - once a year we had Hatfield Day which was an excuse to get up and have Beer and porridge for breakfast. Yuk! This is also the first time that I really had the time to read a lot of Science Fiction and see all those weird SF films from Japan.

Having got my degree I decided that I wanted to do either Computing or Accountancy. So I went to the (then) East Surrey Health Authority in Surrey, UK and studied to become an Accountant (ICMA) whilst working in the Management accounts dept..

Five years later I qualified so I left immediately to become a computer programmer and started at Norwich Union (Formerly CGU) (Formally Commercial Union). Unfortunately I am no longer working there - after 14 1/2 years loyal service they got rid of me in favour of younger programmers (who just happen to all be living in Norwich). Not that I'm bitter of course!. No.. never let it be said..

Some of my own stories and articles.

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