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General Links to Other SF Sites

Page was last updated on July 10, 2011

Link Description
Anime Digital

This 'E-zine' will bring you news articles of interest, fanfics, web site reviews and more!

Beagle2: The British led exploration of Mars

The Beagle 2 project is the British led effort to land on Mars as part of the European Space Agency's Mars Express Mission to be launched in June 2003. Not strictly SF - but looks cool.

Bevis and Duncans Science Fiction Page

A number of guides to science Fiction series.

Cinescape Online

News from SF Fandom, Articles about TV shows, SF news.

Electric Ferret

Electric Ferret is a domain of web sites which exist to be fun and entertaining. We take pains to provide a domain of leisure and escapist resources for travelers weary of commercial web sites. There's no "cookies", no information we want from you, no commercial Spam to sign-up for, no pop-up windows. Making Ferrets happy since 1996. Includes the following links:- Comic Book Universe fights, Comic Book pages, Interactive, Fantasy, Discussion, Humour and Links


Lots of news about SF & Fantasy.

Plokta News Network

Various topics in SF Fandom

UFO/Paranormal info, movie info, Pure science and Television. This site looks like another rich resource for SF fans. You need to register.

Sci-Fi Online

Free Science Fiction Magazine. Want to know the latest on your favourite science fiction shows? Want to hear the latest information to come out of the States? Sci-Fi Online is the first to break the news!

Science Fiction Foundation Collection homepage

This is the research library of the Science Fiction Foundation, the largest resource of sf and sf-related material in the UK.

Science Fiction Resource Guide

Authors, books, reviews etc. Television. Large range of subjects covered.

SF Site

Lots of interesting stuff. Including book reviews and articles.

Science fiction weekly

Miscellaneous reviews of SF etc. (UM)

Tachyon TV

SF Humour web site. Very funny - Spoof news stories with a SF slant.

The SF site:The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Includes SF book reviews, some author's pages, interviews etc

Very Secret Diaries

Here you may find the brilliant "Very Secret Diary" series by the wonderful Cassandra Claire. These are works of parody. (Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers etc.) New Link

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